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Please print or type all information on the Application Form very clearly. Incomplete or illegible Application Forms may be refused. Completed Application Forms, along with the necessary enclosures, should be sent to the Isidor Bajic Piano Memorial, no later than October 1, 2018.


No subsequent changes of the programme are allowed!


Applicants accepted for the Competition will be notified by October 15, 2018.

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A category
B category
C category
A category: for pianists of 13-16 years (born between December 2, 2001 and December 1, 2005)
B category: for pianists of 17-20 (born between December 2, 1997 and December 1, 2001)
C category: for pianists up to 35 years (born after December 2, 1982)

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Programme for the competition: *
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FIRST ROUND (A/B/C category)

First Round Timing:


Semi-Final Timing:

FINAL ROUND (A/B/C category)

Final Round Timing:
List of previous awards at Piano Competitions: *
please, include year, competition name, place competition held and award

By signing the Application Form I state that all information given above is true and accept all stipulations of the prospectus, the Competition Jury Manual rules and regulations, as well as the decisions of the Competition Jury.

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