Vojvodina Symphonics


Vojvodina Symphonic Orchestra, the representative orchestra of the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina, was founded on the initiative of maestro Berislav Skenderovic in 2001. A five-year Agreement on the realization of concert programmes was signed with the Executive Council of Vojvodina and Berislav Skenderovic was appointed the Artistic director and head conductor. Vojvodina Symphonic Orchestra acts as a staggione-orchestra that works on the basis of projects. The orchestra premieres six concerts every season. This very young orchestra is composed of the best musicians of Vojvodina. Depending on the demands of the scores, its average number of members is 76. In the last four seasons Symphonic Orchestra of Vojvodina premiered 25 successful concerts with many domestic and foreign soloists and leading conductors such as: S. Sondeckis, M. Parisotto, M. Liljefors, B. Ungrangse, J. Medina, as well as soloists: M. Kliegel, V. Oistrakh, R. Kinka, M. Martin Kofler, L. Levai-Aksin, R. Martinovic, R. Simovic, P. Laul, J. Stancul, K. Jovanovic, A. Madzar, I. Kalman, N. Zivkovic, C. Katsaris etc.

Vojvodina Symphonic Orchestra has been performing a New Year’s Gala Concert five years in a row. Its popular programme is enriched with performances of many young opera stars from country and abroad. Judging by the response of expert critics and renowned conductors and soloists, the orchestra has reached a high level of European quality in performing the repertoire ranging from Mozart, Beethoven, Dvořak, Brahms, Strauss and Mahler to Ravel, Prokofiev, Bartok, Shostakovich and contemporary composers.