Berislav Skenderović

conductor, Serbia


Berislav Skenderović is the Art Director and the Leading Conductor of the Vojvodina Symphonic Orchestra (established in 2001). Having graduated at the Faculty of Music in Belgrade at two departments at the same time, piano in the class of Dusan Trbojevic and conducting in the class of Zivojin Zdravkovic, he continued his studies at the Hochschule fur Musik in Munich (Hermann, Chelibidache, Sawalisch) where he worked for two years as a ballet conductor and an accompanist in the Bavarian State Opera and Ballet.

He started his professional career in the Serbian National Theatre in Novi Sad, continued it as the conductor of the Opera of the Croatian National Theatre in Split with very frequent guest performances with the Festival Orchestra in Dubrovnik and for seven fruitful years he worked with the Symphony Orchestra of the RTV Sarajevo. A significant stage in Skenderovic's career is his work of a permanent conductor of the Philharmonic and Symphony Orchestra of Cape Town (1992 - 1997).

For eight years now Berislav Skenderovic has been leading the Subotica Philharmonic and Music Centre of Subotica and with the Vojvodina Symphonic Orchestra he has had four highly successful seasons. Working with and shaping the young orchestra this year he has promised another, the fifth season in a row. As the guest conductor he performed in Hungary, Poland, Lithuania, Greece, Mexico and at big Yugoslav music festivals, such as the Musical Biennale in Zagreb, the Composers Tribune in Opatija, the Novi Sad Music Festivities and others.