Linzi Pan

3rd Isidor Bajić Piano Memorial Laureate


Linzi Pan was born in 1994. At the age of five she started taking piano lessons with Ms Wang Peihua, and when she was eight she studied piano with Ms Xiao Mei, an associate professor at the Shenzhen Arts School. During this time she showed her musical talent and participated in the National Xing Hai Cup Youth Piano Competition, where she won the third prize. In May 2003 she was admitted to the Shenzhen Arts School, to the class of professor Dan Zhaoyi, under whose guidance her musical talent rapidly improved. Linzi Pan was one of the members of "Shenzhen Youth Pianist Concert Tour", giving more than 20 concerts in 15 cities throughout the country. In 2005 she was one of the members of Shenzhen Youth Music Ambassador Tour visiting Canada and the United States, and participated in the "Chinese Cultural Festival" in the US. One of highlights of the tour was the performance in the Kennedy Arts Center in Washington, D.C.

From 2004 Linzi Pan performed many times as a piano soloist with the Guangzhou Symphony Orchestra, the Shenzhen Symphony Orchestra and Poland Quartet. At the age of twelve, she gave her first successful solo piano recital in Shenzhen.

In the past three years, Linzi Pan participated in numerous national and international piano competitions and won many prizes on: First Prize on the Asia Chopin International Piano Contest (2004), Golden Medal and “YITIAN” Special Award on Japan Finals Contest (2005), First Prize on Asia Youth Musical Contest (2006), First Prize and Chinese Music Composition prize on The Second KAWAI Cup National piano contest (2007), First Prize, the optional performer prize for Chopin's Dou Rondo Op 73 and Manuei Infante “Danses Andalouscs” at the Eight Grieg International piano contest (2007).